[cvm_playlist theme=”default” aspect_ratio=”4×3″ width=”640″ volume=”30″ videos=”256″]Move, improve, perform with RAD, Royal Academy of Dance, exams taking place in March.  Watch the video produced by the RAD and understand the benefits of taking exams in dance.

We are an RAD approved dance school, providing the opportunities for young dancers to progress and achieve from Pre-Primary and Primary levels before moving on to graded and vocational graded levels.

Your child will receive a secure parchment paper certificate signed by Darcey Bussell.

Exams are taking place at Chilton on Friday 10th March from 10am-12.30 noon and in Barnard Castle on Friday 17th March from 9am-2pm.

There will be extra tuition provided to help your child achieve their full potential in the exam.  Details of extra coaching are Grade 4/5 Barnard Castle students can also attend double classes Grade 4 :Tuesday 6.45 Wednesday 4.15 and Grade 5 Monday 4.30 and 5.15

A guide to the RAD exams is here.