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The Royal Academy of Dance is one of the worlds most influential dance and  educational training organisations.

They provide graded, higher and vocational level examinations.

Their higher education programmes are regulated and a recent Ofsted inspection found the RAD to be an outstanding provider of initial dance teacher training.

The RAD examinations are recognised by Ofqual and contribute to UCAS points


RAD teachers take 2/3 years to qualify with Registered Teacher Status .

The training includes study into the fundamentals of classical ballet with anatomy and physiology along with history of ballet and repertoire/ character.

This enables the teacher to provide classes where pupils will learn correct technique and with the good knowledge of anatomy and how the body works with safe methods of limbering and stretching , which is very important not just in training but to avoid later injuries which could impact later life .


The IDTA is a leading dance qualification awarding body and membership association for professional dance teachers.

With a wide body of dance forms the Theatre branch hold examinations in

Ballet :Tap :Contemporary Modern Jazz: Theatre craft :Musical Theatre.

They also provide syllabus for grade work and professional examinations and awards.

Teachers qualify with a level 4 diploma ( the old associate exam ) and further qualifications are Licenciate  (LIDTA )and Fellowship (FIDTA) examinations .

The IDTA is an ofqual ,CCEA  and Qualifications Wales recognised awarding exam board .

Our Classes

Our classes are tailored to the needs of the individual by age or ability of the students , with small class sizes the pupils can receive excellent individual training  and work towards examinations or for own personal development.

Tailoring classes to the grades helps build good continuity and technique.

Our classes are fun and enjoyable and our teachers continue to develop their own teaching by continuing Professional Development courses , there’s always something to learn !

Dance for all ages

Pre School classes

Our pre school classes start from the age of 2.5 years and are an introduction to ballet and dance using imagery and props for movement and fun.

From pre school children can then progress to Pre Primary and through the grades.

Adult Classes

We have a great adult community and provide classes in Tap Ballet and PBT ( exercise technique using Swiss balls Pilates balls and bands )

Classes For All Levels

At Melanie Edmenson Dance School we deliver dance classes to all ages and abilities and we are happy to discuss your particular requirements.

Whatever your experience, age or ability if you want to dance, we can help you achieve that aim!

We deliver classes and workshops in studios in several locations: Barnard Castle; and Chilton both in Co Durham.

Our classes are structured with small numbers of students in each class.  All lessons are age and ability appropriate.

We adhere to the Dance Teachers Code of Conduct of both the IDTA and the Royal Academy of Dance .

All teachers within Melanie Edmenson School of Dance hold current DBS, First Aid qualifications and insurance and are highly qualified with years of experience.

All students will be placed in a class suitable for their experience and ability and progression through the classes and grades is promoted and encouraged.


TCR The Hub,
Shaw Bank,
Barnard Castle, Co Durham DL12 8TD

TCR Hub Barnard Castle

Barnard Castle School,
Barnard Castle, Co Durham DL12 8UN

Barnard Castle School

Startforth Community Hall,
Barnard Castle, Co Durham DL12 9AQ

Startforth Community Hall

St Aidan’s Church Hall,
Eden Terrace,
Chilton, DL17 0EJ

St Aidan's Church hall Chilton

Monday TCR Hub Barnard Castle

TCR Hub, Barnard Castle

3.30 grade 6 RAD ballet

4.30 IDTA contemporary modern jazz (12 +yrs )

5.15 grade 8 RAD ballet

6.15 grade 6 RAD ballet

7.15 PBT ( conditioning stretching strength using Swiss balls / bands ) senior/adult


Tuesday Nursery Classes Startforth

Tuesday 2-3pm nursery classes @ Kirkland’s Startforth


Tuesday TCR Hub Barnard Castle

3.15  grade 5 rad Ballet

4.15 grade 3 rad ballet / tap

5.00 grade 1 rad ballet /tap

5.45 beginners adult tap

5.45  BCA  Cheerleading ( garage )

6.15 Adult tap

7.00 Adult ballet


Wednesday TCR Hub Barnard Castle

3.15  prep pre school ballet ( from 2.5yrs )

3.45  grade 1 rad ballet /tap

4.30  primary ballet / tap

5.15  junior jazz

5.45  advanced contemporary

6.30  senior contemporary


Thursday Barnard Castle prep School

3.00 pre primary rad ballet

3.30 primary rad ballet

4.00 grade 1 rad ballet


Friday Barnard Castle prep School cheerleading


Saturday Startforth Community Hall

9 .00 pre primary rad ballet

9.30. Primary rad ballet

10.15 Senior street dance

11.00 junior street dance


Thursday Chilton

3.40  junior contemporary jazz

4.20  primary rad ballet and tap

5.05  senior contemporary jazz

5.45  grade 2 rad ballet and tap

6.30  Musical Theatre

7.10 Adult Tap


Friday Chilton

3.15 pre school twirly tots (2.5 yrs )

4 pm grade 4 RAD ballet

4.45 pre primary ballet and tap

5.30 grade 1 RAD ballet and tap

6.15 cheerleading


Saturday Chilton

9 am Primary rad ballet / tap

9.45 grade 7 rad ballet

10.30 grade 5 rad ballet

11.15 Intermediate rad ballet

12.15 rad coaching / privates