Guidelines for Attending the Sessions at CHILTON ST AIDANS HALL Autumn/Winter 2020

Pupils should arrive dressed in usual dance attire and only bring dance shoes and drinks bottle into the hall .

Parents / Carers will not be able to sit and wait inside the hall , you are welcome to use the outside  areas / grounds implementing social distancing rules if weather permits .

On arrival please enter using side doorway ( opposite church ) .

Please also use sanitiser station on entry.

Follow directions given to you regarding where to place shoes / drinks bottle and where to stand .

The dance studio has been marked out so each child will have their own space to dance within and  I am having limited numbers so all children will be a safe distance apart and we will sanitise between lessons.

The toilet will be available but please remember to wash hands thoroughly and sanitise.

Once the lesson has ended you will need to collect / exit from the fire door exit standing near to the church to collect child :-  there will be marked points outside for entry and exit .

I will also need to keep details of who attended the lessons for track and trace , I will do this as I do taking a register with child’s name and contact number.

Please do not attend classes if you or a family member are feeling unwell with COVID Symptoms.

Dance Classes

Book dance classes in Chilton and make sure your child enjoys the very best teacher allowing them to work towards exams and shows whilst enjoying creative movement, exercise and mostly FUN!

St. Aidan's Hall



3.45pm Junior Modern Jazz age 5+

4.20pm  Modern Jazz age 10 +

5.00pm Ballet RAD grade 1 & tap

5.45pm Musical theatre

6.20 pm Progressing ballet technique ( Swiss ball and small ball required)

7.00pm Adult Tap

St. Aidan's Hall



3.15pm Mums and tots ballet / movement 2 yrs +

4.00pm Ballet RAD grade 3 &tap

4.45 pm Ballet RAD pre primary & tap

5.30 pm Ballet RAD grade 1 & tap

St. Aidan's Hall



9.00am Ballet RAD primary &tap

9.45.   Ballet RAD grade 5 @tap

10.30 Ballet RAD grade 6

11.15 Ballet RAD grade 3 & tap

12.00pm Ballet RAD Intermediate

Our Studio

We hold classes in St. Aidan's Church Hall, Chilton, Co. Durham, DL17 0EJ


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